Partnering With You Across the Entire IP Life Cycle

Ask our industry leading Competitive Intelligence team. Our experts slice and dice the domain to identify gaps in the technology and assist in your Research and Development strategy.
And, our industry specialists assess early threats and opportunities for your business and track the activity to safeguard your interests.
We, at MC Research, have worked on more than 5000+ novelty searches for R&D organizations across the globe.
Our experts assist the patent drafter to define the boundaries between the invention and the prior art.
We at MC Research have handled over 5000+ Prior Art searches over the last ten years. We conduct exhaustive Prior Art Search to either validate the claims made by a patent or to invalidate one or more claims of an infringing patent.
IP rights are specific to different jurisdictions. An insightful Freedom To Operate (FTO) analysis relating to particular countries or regions where you want to operate.
Consult our Freedom to Operate (FTO) experts who have special skills in covering Rest of the World (RoW) extensively in addition to developed world (including US, Europe and Japan).
We at MC Research, have analyzed over 1 Million Patent Documents over last decade. Engage with our comprehensive portfolio analysis team to define technology scope, strengths and limitations of your portfolio.
Consult with our experts for financial valuation of intellectual property. At MC Research, we assist valuations, licensing negotiations and generate key information to help secure funding from banks or other sources.
At MC Research, we have done over 1000+ Claim Charts. Our Claim Chart analysis helps to identify the infringer and helps you take action to stop the competitor from stealing your market.
Interact with our team who have provided 10,000+ hours of litigation support to leading legal firms and global corporate powerhouses.
Consult with our Patent Monetization professionals. We support both buyers and sellers on various business and technical parameters.
We provide potential buyers with detailed information about the companies/inventors and game changer target patents. And, help patent sellers with our proprietary ranking framework to shortlist potential buyers.
To solve any underlying problems or issues in product manufacturing reach out to our specialized Technology Scouting/ Smart Search experts who have worked on 100+ scouting projects.
  • Technology Scouting, Open Innovation and Competitive Intelligence

  • Comprehensive Solutions across the patent life cycle.

  • Patent Valuation Ranking, Protection Strategies, Portfolio Analysis

Value Proposition

We deliver comprehensive solutions by applying

  • Right Expertise
  • Robust Processes
  • Rigorous Methods

Engagement Models

We consult with customers and together, evolve most appropriate working model to serve their needs in the best possible manner. Options include,

On Demand Bespoke Projects

  • Defined scope, with option to expand
  • Fixed price and timelines, can range from few days to weeks or months

Dedicated to Customer Full Time Employees

  • Contract period starts from a month and can go beyond year or more
  • Experts exclusively available to customer, but without supervisory or administration overheads

Short, Medium and Long term Projects

  • Defined scope, with option to expand
  • Fixed price and timelines, can range from a month and longer

Customized arrangements for unique needs

  • Application of specific tools and databases
  • Special research or monitoring projects

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