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Self – Diagnostic Medical Devices


Medical condition monitoring devices that have been traditionally used in hospitals are electrocardiograms, sphygmomanometers, and so on. Due to the increased cost of health care services, frequent visits to doctors, complex medical lab tests, rising trend of chronic diseases, the idea of self-diagnostic medical devices (SDMD) had been introduced in 1960. SDMD are the devices used for measuring and monitoring various vital parameters such as blood sugar level, heart rate, hypertension, and other conditions. The addition of features such as real-time remote communication in SDMD enables the healthcare personnel to interpret the results for further diagnosis and treatment. However, the major challenges in the SDMD segment include regulatory approvals, the possibility of inaccurate measurement leading to fatal health disorders, and also misguiding the treatment therapy. With technological advancements in nanotechnology and wireless communication systems, advanced miniaturized SDMD capable of automatically dispensing drugs in response to biological irregularities seem possible.

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