Landscape Analysis

Innovation trends in Oral Care products

A landscape search was performed on different types of Oral Care products and their manufacturers. The search was focused on the composition, kit and devices used for oral care. We also looked for the methods about how the oral care products are being used to solve the oral problems. Upcoming technology analysis in terms of worldwide patents was carried out in this domain. Various technology trends were derived and presented to provide a comprehensive overview of the domain.

Few trend examples provided below:

Customer Feedback

“The client appreciated the extensive work done by MC Research analysts in this domain”

Patent Portfolio SWOT Analysis

For an IP Asset Management Company

Subject experts at Molecular Connections analysed a set of more than 1000 patents provided by the client across the interactive messaging domain.

The search was performed on free and commercial databases to shortlist relevant products/patents/companies in the technology domain. MC Research presented the insights along with executive summary for strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat of the domain. Various technology trends like innovation, patent distribution of some key players, were derived and presented to provide an overview of the domain.

Customer Feedback

“MC Research recommendations were helpful in assessing the patent valuation for licensing service. We have also approached MC for three other domains for similar kind of analysis”

Landscape Analysis

For a Global Electrical Appliance Company

A landscape cum novelty search was performed on the driving circuit technology of a specific LED light. The technical specification of the LED product was provided by the client. Upcoming technology analysis in terms of patents and product were carried out in this domain. The search was focused on method of controlling input power supply using a resonance circuit for isolating input and output terminal of the driving circuit. Various technology trends and market opportunity were derived and presented to provide an overview of the domain. Provided similar electronic products having stable and low noise driving circuit that resembles the specific technology. Revenue forecast of LED lighting helping the market opportunity of the product.

Customer Feedback

“MC deliverables were helpful to the client in terms of taking decision of licensing deals with the big players in this space. The client appreciated for the list of emerging company names that were come up from the analysis.”

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