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Freedom to Operate Search

Minimize the risk of infringement

Want to accelerate your product to market? Planning to deploy your product in a new jurisdiction? Concerned about infringement risk?

We offer a comprehensive global FTO search to protect you from any distant infringement risks.

  • Our FTO solution has a track record of Zero Error over the last two decades.
  • Multiple patent databases with native language expertise ensure all the active patents/applications are fully retrieved and inferred correctly.
  • Our in-house patent expiry tool helps in assessing the patent term correctly, adding value to the report.

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Home Services MC MAPP Continuous evolving technology is complicating mapping right patent to the relevant products. We simplify patent-to-product/ patent-to-patent mapping for innovative businesses, enabling


Home Services MC Swift Prioritized search solutions in short lead time with impeccable report. Dedicated experts execute a comprehensive search to locate relevant patent /NPL


Home Services MC SCOUT Gain strategic insight into technology markets and business models. With our customized AI-enabled technology scouting solution with native language capabilities, we


Home Services MC Watch One-stop solution for all your tracking needs – competitors, technology, patents. One-stop solution for all your tracking needs – competitors, technology,


Home Services MCSCAPE Global multifaceted analysis for actionable intelligence and insights Interested in this Service? Get in touch Back to Services

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